Adding Documentation#


  1. Ensure that you have Pandoc ( installed on your system. If it’s not installed, you can install it by running the following command on Ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install -y pandoc
  2. Install the documentation dependencies by running the following command in the root directory of the repository (make sure you are in the correct virtual/conda environment):

    pip install --editable ".[doc,dev]"

Building Documentation#

To build the documentation, run the following command in the project root:


Once built, you can visit the documentation locally in your browser.

If you run into nitpicky errors, you can allow a more permissive documentation build with:

python -m invoke -i

Continuous integration will still run the strict build, so make sure to fix any errors before making a pull request.

Types of Documentation#

Auto-Generated Documentation#

Auto-generated documentation from the source code using Autodoc. See this link for more information. CapyMOA, for now is using Sphinx/reStructuredText style docstrings. Rather than having type information in the docstring, we prefer to use Python-type hints.

class Stream:
    """A datastream that can be learnt instance by instance."""

    def __init__(
        moa_stream: Optional[InstanceStream] = None,
        schema: Optional[Schema] = None,
        CLI: Optional[str] = None,
        """Construct a Stream from a MOA stream object.

        Usually, you will want to construct a Stream using the :func:`stream_from_file`

        :param moa_stream: The MOA stream object to read instances from. Is None
            if the stream is created from a numpy array.
        :param schema: The schema of the stream. If None, the schema is inferred
            from the moa_stream.
        :param CLI: Additional command line arguments to pass to the MOA stream.
        :raises ValueError: If no schema is provided and no moa_stream is provided.
        :raises ValueError: If command line arguments are provided without a moa_stream.

Juptyer Notebooks#

Juptyer notebooks in the /notebooks directory are converted to markdown files and included in the documentation with nbsphinx. See this link for more information.

To add a notebook to the documentation, add the notebook to the /notebooks directory and add the filename to the toctree in notebooks/index.rst.

Manual Documentation#

Manually written documentation in the /docs directory. These can be written in reStructuredText or Markdown. To add a new page to the documentation, add a new file to the /docs directory and add the filename to the toctree in index.rst or the appropriate location in the documentation.